Thursday, August 19, 2010

Newsworthy Item

Hot off the press, CompleteSpeech is hosting a pilot program for PARENTS to get rental palatometer systems to use at home. This will allow parents to see more progress with their children as they will be able to monitor daily home practice.
This shouldn't take the place of seeing a certified speech therapist as they are the only ones qualified to evaluate your child's speech completely and accurately. They will guide you with what needs to be worked on and how to work through the speech issues.
If you are interested in this home program, leave a comment at they will love to hear your thoughts on this.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new video clips from summer therapy

Client A, age 11, with unknown syndrome (to be determined) has articulation, prosody, multiple syllable and formulating complete sentences issues.
She was a hard worker, had good attention, pleasant, and very stimulable for remediation with visual prompts and displays. She made steady progress each week. She will continue with speech therapy with the palatomer technology but with less intensity during the school year.

This is a good reminder that children with more than just a simple articulation issues will require more time with therapy.
Research has shown that with every layer of concern: cognition, attention, motivation, sensory- hearing, oral defensiveness, severity of the problem, and multiple problems will affect their longterm prognosis. It not to say they won't make progress, they will, parents need to be more patient with the curve of their progress.

Informal gathering of data has been showing that articulation therapy with visual display using the palatometer has allowed almost all the clients to make faster progress (better curve) than traditional therapy in a shorter amount of time. (More research needs to be done of course)
Client A was working on her /r/ words in this clip.