New Fall 2016 Semester Tuition Coming
What You Get: 
1.  Customized lessons, materials, & motivators
2.  Quicker Progress (with SmartPalate System)
3. One Tuition payment or traditional monthly payment options 
Inquire details: email; adorais159@gmail.com


(Three weeks, 12 sessions optimal, or less.  )

Steps to Register
1. Call Ann (801-372-4383) or email (adorais159@gmail.com) to schedule a speech evaluation; or bring a previous report in if it's been done within 6 months; discuss an evaluation fee reduction.

2. Fill out the client history form; on this blog's main page (top right)

3. Therapy services can cover;  Articulation, Accent Modification,, Auditory processing,  Stuttering, Literacy, Expressive and Receptive Language, Social Skills, and Voice

A+ Speech Therapy Motto;  "Speak with Confidence and Live Better"
if you are using the SmartPalate system to fix your articulation, call for a break down of costs.  Or call Complete Speech at 801-960-1451  They make the mouthpiece appliance and software.

Regular SPEECH THERAPY SESSIONS are also available.

Intensive Accent Modification Visual Program (IAMVP).
What is your speech intelligibilty rating?  How easily are you  understood? (comprehensibility?)
Yes, your speech is very important.  It's important to be understood on your first impression.
Yes, your speech confidence is very important.
Yes, you are very important.

Yes, Yes, Yes, Make the most of your conversational interactions.
Check into our intensive visual accent modification program; Summer 2014  (Limited Space)
Come jump start your speech by reducing your foreign accent as much as possible using the state of the art visual tools; the SmartPalate system and VowelViz app with two highly certified speech language therapists and their trained staff.
The Ten Dimensions of accent reduction five point scale" will be used to rate you. (pre/post level)
Please join us for regular scheduled sessions, our usual five week summer program, or super jump start with our two day intense workshops with a bonus half day follow up one week later.

If you would like to get on our wait list please contact Ann at adorais159@gmail.com for details or call; 801-372-4383.  The Super Intensive Workshop calendar schedule for Summer 2014 will be posted soon.
Our regular summer intensive 20 session plan is scheduled June 9- July 11, 4 days a week for 5 weeks.

WELCOME to SmartPalate Therapy;  
Good for Articulation skills, tongue thrust, and accent reduction.

Learn more about articulation disorders and how the "SmartPalate" System can help improve your speech or  your child's speech sounds.
 MONTHLY Payment of 4 lessons per month (once a week) or 8 sessions (two times a week) is also available
All forms of payment are accepted.  Even Health Care Savings Plans (credit cards).
Detailed speech invoice can be given upon request only.