1. Look up these links for your review to help you with your decisions.
A) Steps to SmartPalate Therapy

B) Research on EPG

C) Dental impression instructions;

2. Schedule an appointment with the therapist: Ann Dorais by phone or email. It takes about 1--3 weeks to get an appoint scheduled and confirmed.

3. Contact CompleteSpeech Company for the SmartPalate Rental System; This includes the following;  a) Mouthpiece with sensors.   b) Replacement Insurance.  c) Home Software/hardware system of their Smartpalate Program.

4. Attend the initial evaluation.

5. Schedule and attend weekly speech visits and carry over speech work at home with your smartpalate system.
Expected Progress varies with each client; severity level, age, cognitive ability, attention, sensory issues, dedication, number of sessions, etc.
 >   For a neurotypical child with one sound in error results have occurred within 5 to 6 months or approximately 20 sessions.
>    If you add any layer of issues; such as disabilities, sensory issues or severity level or illnesses you can expect progress and remediation to take much longer.
>    For the SmartPalate to be effective, the person must be able to attend for at leaste 5-10 minutes at a time looking at a computer and handle instructions and feedback.

Generalization:  Yes the Smartpalate supports generalization from therapy session to regular speech in everyday conversations.

Maintenance;  Yes, the Smartpalate is used heavily at first, then with and without the SP, then minimally when the client approaches completion.