A+ Speech Therapy company started June 2007 by Ann Dorais who holds her certification of clinical competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and she has worked in many different settings with both children and adults.  She has worked 15 years and presently continues to work  at Brigham Young University part-time helping graduate students do clinical work to become speech-language therapists.  She is also a board member on CompleteSpeech and occasionally helps with Little Bee Speech company where they make fabulous speech apps.

A+ Speech Therapy company provides a variety of speech and language services and is Smartpalate enabled:  The company provides traditional therapy models (Private sessions 1-2 times per week and small group therapy- siblings, cousins, neighbors, friends). And one unique service model is our intensive summer speech programs using SmartPalate Technology.  The intense program is research based where daily sessions are held between 3-5 weeks (Depends on the summer).  This model has proven to bring significant results.  The summer intensive speech program has a partnership with Brigham Young University speech majors.  Few highly qualified volunteers are chosen each year to help, to gain exposure and experience to the field of speech and language therapy.

Limited spots are available for the summer speech program, so it never hurts to sign up early.
For details, please contact Ann at adorais159@gmail.com, or call at 801-372-4383.