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September 18, 2012
Shyler is 12 years old and in 6th grade.  She has had speech problems from birth.  Going through the school district helped, but we struggled with her getting the "R" sound.  After 3rd grade then 4th and 5th grade passing and still not getting the "R", I became worried she would never be able to talk right.  She was not participating as much and talking as much.  Now that she was older, she didn't want anyone to hear her speech problem.  It hurt me to see her hurt like this and being this old.  I needed something more, but didn't know what there was.  One night, I found Ann on Utube.  I know that is so crazy.  I emailed her at two in the morning and she responded the next day.  We did what we needed in that week and started the following.  Ann was encouraging and helpful.  The smartpalete is amazing.  The results of Shylers first visit was shocking.  The second was even more.  In two sessions Shyler could say "FOR" and "War".  These words have been one of the hardest words for her to say.  We would travel 2 hours to her sessions.  It was worth it.  Ann was supportive, motivating, and excited for her in every session.  After 12 sessions, Shyler graduated.  She sounds like she never had a speech problem.  She went back to school and everyone was so excited for her.  Ann and her staff are a miracle to my Shyler.  I can't get her to stop talking now.  Her confidence has taken off.  I can't ever thank you enough for what you and this program has done for my Shyler.  She is a different kid.  Thank you!  Thank You!  THank You!  Karen Griffin
I give permission to Ann to post this on her blog..  Karen Griffin  Cleveland Utah

Sept 19, 2012
Our daughter has had a speech problem ever since she could talk.  We were told that she had a lateral lisp.  She attended speech through the public school, and just didn't seem to improve.  We
were told multiple times that it was almost impossible to correct the lateral lisp.  As she entered 3rd and 4th grades kids were starting to comment that she spoke funny;  she was getting very self conscious of this.
A friend of ours had heard about Ann from a relative.  I called Ann and she assured me that it was not an impossible thing to correct.  Our daughter was so excited to go to speech and "fix" her problem.
After only 12 weeks of speech she had mastered her sounds.  I was shocked with the progress!  She is now so proud of herself and is more confident and happy!  
We are very grateful to Ann!

*Ann you can use this email....

June 2011
From his mom: After Summer Intensive Speech Program
"Tanner arrived home safe, sound and happy after his second week of therapy. For the first time in his life, he pronounced the word "yesterday" perfectly. What a THRILL!!!". Smiles - Karen

June 2010
Dear Ann

I just wanted to send you an e-mail and tell you how excited I am about the palatometer and the success it is having on my daughter Abby. Last Thursday, after only 12 sessions of therapy with you, I had her read out loud to me. Usually when she reads to me I follow along, so I know what she is saying. This time I had her do it in the car on the way back from therapy, and without looking over her shoulder, I could understand every word she was saying. This is a huge step for her and for me! It was very fun to listen to her and know that she is progressing so quickly. I am so grateful for this technology and for your help.

Thanks again!