Thursday, August 14, 2014


Technology is a good way to encourage speech homework.  Kids like to "show-off" their technology skills by showing you how they navigate IPads and Computer programs.
Kids as young as 6 can use their speech apps proficiently thus getting more quality speech practice.

Vowel Viz App

SmartPalate System

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Does your child or someone you know need help with their speech or language?
Please see the areas listed below.  If any items apply to you please contact me via email or phone to set up a consultation or evaluation.  And please make any referral.
I can be reached at my email or 801-372-4383.

  • (Often associated with ADHD, Hard of Hearing, and Autism)

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Oregon Beach is a great place to relax and rejuvenate oneself.
The weather was fabulous with lots of ocean treasures; tidal pools with starfish and I found lots of whole sand-dollars.  I was able to have wind-free walks in the morning and lots of sun in the afternoon.
Pictures taken from Manzanita Beach, 13 miles south of Cannon Beach.  

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Intensive Summer Speech sample

Working on voicing for S, Z.  with the "SmartPalate" system.
Visual displays help students "see" their tongue placement, the audio waves show the voicing and volume.  This allows the students to "see" if they are having correct placement and voicing when they need it.

If you are interested in renting this system at home with a speech therapist's s support look at "" and see local speech therapists that are SmartPalate Enabled.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Summer is a great time for fun and adventure, whether by yourself or a group of friends. With the weather being somewhat decent, depending where you live, it is a time to try new  activities. Don't know what to do?  Think of things that make you happy, and things you want to try and put them on your summer bucket list.  I for one love to find waterfalls, go on picnics, and bike ride.  I'm hoping I will try going down a lazy river (a real river) this summer.  We'll see if that happens.  If it happens, I will post it! (Are you waiting with baited breath?)

Saturday, May 24, 2014


American Speech and Hearing Association provide all sorts of helps dealing with speech and language issues.

Better Speech Month

Autism Awareness Month.
Utah now has several public "charter" schools specially designed for those with moderate to high functioning autism.  Check out Clear Horizons-(located Provo Utah) and Spectrum Academy (located in SLC, and soon in Pleasant Grove Utah).

Having clear expectations and a clear schedule helps all of us to function better. Those with autism do even better with visual schedules.  Here is a FREE visual schedule to try if you child would benefit from using one.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Research has shown that intensive therapy can make the difference to bring about positive change for the better.  Getting the right mix of engagement and learning is what intensive programs seek.  In cognitive psychology, it says, combination of factors lead to short moments of learning, understanding, and recognition. This micro-genesis of a learning moment has been characterized as a “dynamic tricky mix” (Nelson, 2001).  Mastering and improving oneself “on-line” can be learned.  These “on-line” adjustments during intervention will improve a person’s performance. 

You or your child will get the most out of speech therapy with the SmartPalate Technology. "On-line adjustments are made well with this technology.

Dates; June 9 - July 10, 2014
Location:  1379 S. 740 E. Orem Utah University Park  Plaza (by Dexter Law)
And BYU Campus; Taylor Building  
Times; By scheduled appointments (9:00 am – 12:30 pm. )
Sessions; 45 minutes
Helps improve all sounds; m,b,p, t,d, k, g, f,v, th, s, z, sh, ch, dz, j, r, l,  (S,L, R blends too).
Also helps with tongue thrust, phonological process issues, and accent modification
Traditional therapy is also available for receptive and expressive language needs; formulating complete sentences, social language, and stuttering.


Contact information:
Ann Dorais, M.A.,CCC-SLP, (A+ Speech Therapy)
Phone: 801-372-4383
If you are interested fill out; a client history Intake form.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Important Parent- Child Interaction

Summer is fast approaching so it's important for parents to schedule some engaging activities.
Remember the ABC rule.
Plan active activities like sports camps.
Teach basic emerging skills.  and
let them have a creative outlet.

Website review

Here is a speech website worthy of review.  It's always nice when speech companies share their best ideas.
Check out their free homework ideas to share with parents.
Here are a few of their ideas, check out the website for 12 more ideas.
  1. Design your own board game: This is another family art project. Children can create their own board games by drawing a board game inside a folder and decorating it with stickers, etc. The child plays his or her own game while drawing flashcards.
  2. Guess what?: The parent describes the targeted words and the child guesses the word (for example, “It is a yellow animal that quacks”).
  3. Draw or act out words: Same as above, but the targeted words are acted out or drawn.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Summer Therapy

  We have so much to learn 
Let's have fun at ISSP;  Intensive Summer Speech Program

Dates; June 9th - July 10th. 8:30-12:30 pm.
Place; 1379 S 740 E, Orem Ut / BYU campus
Individual sessions
Small group sessions
Details, options and costs;  Contact Ann at
Or call Ann at 801-372-4383
Don't Delay, Get your child on the Wait List.

Speech Therapy with the Palatomoter can now begin

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Summer Speech Program

                                                "Speak with Confidence and Live Better"

READY, SET, GO.   Sign up for  Intensive Summer Speech Program. (ISSP)
                                                  Date; June 9-July 11, 2014

                                           SIMPLE  ENROLLMENT STEPS

1. Call to schedule a full Speech Evaluation. Contact Ann at 801-372-4383, or Email

2. Fill out a CLIENT HISTORY INTAKE FORM and click submit. The therapist will be better prepared for the speech evaluation.

3. New Evaluations are typically scheduled on Friday afternoons.

Here is the breakdown of costs if you are using the SmartPalate system to work on Sounds
  • Dental impression $50,  (paid directly to your dentist of choice)
  • The rest of the package is paid to A+ Speech Therapy;  which includes;
  1. Smartpalate mouthpiece (approx $325
  2. Full Speech evaluation (some discount may apply)
  3. Ask for session bundle pricing for 10 sessions or 20 sessions
  4. Full payment of 20 sessions receive one extra therapy session free

Friday, February 28, 2014

Accent Modification Program

Intensive Accent Modification Visual Program (IAMVP).
What is your speech intelligibilty rating?  How easily are you  understood? (comprehensibility?)
Yes, your speech is very important.  It's important to be understood on your first impression.
Yes, your speech confidence is very important.
Yes, you are very important.

Yes, make the most of your conversational interactions.

Come jump start your speech by reducing your foreign accent as much as possible

Check into our intensive visual accent modification program; Summer 2014  (Limited Space)

We use the state of the art visual tools; the SmartPalate system and VowelViz app with two highly certified speech language therapists and their trained staff.

Check out our three different intensity options.
1. Regular sessions; meet 1-2X per week.                        
2. Intensive summer program 4X per week for 5 weeks
3. Super intensive two-day workshops (with half day follow up one week later.)

If you would like to get on our wait list, please contact Ann at for details.

Our regular summer intensive 20-session plan is scheduled June 9- July 11, 4 days a week for 5 weeks. 

The Ten Dimensions of accent reduction five point scale" will be usedto rate you. (pre/post level)

Visual Therapy; Get the VowelViz App

I've been on a blog hiatus but now I'm back to business.
If you have gotten the vowelviz app great, if you haven't you should consider it.
Watch the demos.  It's like getting a mini vowel lessons while you learn the app. The vowelviz app is primarily for vowels across the linguistic hierarchy.   It's  great for vowels, diphthongs, and many vocalic /r/ words, phrases and sentences.