Saturday, March 1, 2014

Summer Speech Program

                                                "Speak with Confidence and Live Better"

READY, SET, GO.   Sign up for  Intensive Summer Speech Program. (ISSP)
                                                  Date; June 9-July 11, 2014

                                           SIMPLE  ENROLLMENT STEPS

1. Call to schedule a full Speech Evaluation. Contact Ann at 801-372-4383, or Email

2. Fill out a CLIENT HISTORY INTAKE FORM and click submit. The therapist will be better prepared for the speech evaluation.

3. New Evaluations are typically scheduled on Friday afternoons.

Here is the breakdown of costs if you are using the SmartPalate system to work on Sounds
  • Dental impression $50,  (paid directly to your dentist of choice)
  • The rest of the package is paid to A+ Speech Therapy;  which includes;
  1. Smartpalate mouthpiece (approx $325
  2. Full Speech evaluation (some discount may apply)
  3. Ask for session bundle pricing for 10 sessions or 20 sessions
  4. Full payment of 20 sessions receive one extra therapy session free