Saturday, November 26, 2016

Freezer Paper for Speech Activities

I've discovered a love for Freezer paper.  It can print in your printer. It can stick to other PAPER or FABRIC so you can actually print on fabric too. (That will be another lesson).
It can stick by ironing it onto other paper and it can liven up stuff you have on hand to use for speech therapy.

Here is one activity I made using freezer paper as my basic print.
I downloaded Teacher pay Teacher (TpTs)  Christmas vocabulary pictures.  

Here are the general steps for my Paper "Money Talk" project.
1. Find your image you want to print.
2. Cut your" FEEZER  PAPER"  8.5 by 11 inches and run it through your printer, rough side print side up.
3. Cut pictures out
4. Iron pictures onto the paper dollar bills.  Only takes about 1 second per picture. it sticks well.

Have the kids say their words 5 Xs for a five dollar bill, 10X with a ten dollar bill, You will get lots of productions.  If they get to 100 productions give them a 100 bill to collect to 500-1000 dollar points to earn prizes. (about 2-4 sessions).

Friday, November 11, 2016

Sticky Wall Toys Therapy Tip

How to use Sticky Toys.
I found a new favorite sticky toy.  I  got them at Target for $2.00 for a set of 12 sticky men in the party section, Walmart has them for $3.21.

Lesson Plan for using these sticky men for any articulation session.
1. Your student or client does warm ups correctly saying their target sound 20-40 times each in isolation for placement, manner and voicing  (best used with the SmartPalate System). Check out CompleteSpeech Company for this system.

2.  Have your student says his/her word or phrase 5Xs at 80% or greater accuracy first; then they or you  toss the sticky man up  on the wall, and every time the mad turns,, falls, flips, or moves, the child has to say his target word. You get tons of production.

3. Variation; toss up two different men and they have to say and remember which target word goes with which man that moves.

The beauty of this is for generalization of their speech.  The man moves at random times, so the student has to be prepared to say their words at any moment.  sometimes they say them many times in a row, other times with more breaks.  They get tons of practice. They want to keep tossing the man up over and over again.

I also send one man home with them to carry over their practice.  They LOVE this.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sales Alert

I love shopping alerts.  This is a great shopping alert for one of the BEST articulation apps.
Check out Articulation Station App

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Home Chores and meals together teaches more skills, way more than people think.

Speech and Language can be developed and generalized  at home in so many ways.

Home chores are the easiest and highly valuable moments to promote and develops vocational and speech and language skills.
Children naturally gravitate towards wanting to "help".  We used lots of words; watering can, water, slow, pour, on the dirt, be careful, plant, thirsty, hot, day, more water, help, etc.

Basic meal times have traditionally been the main time for families to unite.
But recently surveys have shown that less than half the families actually prep together or sit down and eat together.


ASHA Leader Magazine recently wrote; "SLPs can target many speech and language goals associated with food preparation. Useful skills learned by the child include:"
Take a minute and think about these skills and see how valuable they are for so many areas in life.
  • Sequencing
  • Literacy
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Articulation
  • Describing and commenting
  • Actions
  • Answering “wh” questions
  • Problem solving
  • Turn taking
  • Recalling information