Monday, October 5, 2009


Therapists often want to provide the best evidence based therapy possible, but does it always translate into evidence based-results across all therapists?
There is no doubt that using the palatometer system provides such evidence based-results. Further more, using the palatomater system, could even -out the playing field for most therapists.

I'm kicking myself because I should have taken photos of before and after results of several tongue thrust clients that came in with occlusion gaps, ( even after two years of braces because of their tongue thrust problem.) This is a good lesson to be learned; take the time to snap a before and after client photo with dates.

The results were truly amazing. Only after ten sessions (5 weeks) the client's occlusion was beautifully fixed as well as his tongue thrust and speech. It's hard to put into words the sheer joy that comes over you, when your clients make tremendous progress. It's that kind of progress that all therapists dream of for their clients, but was made into reality with the palatometer technology.