Sunday, July 10, 2011

Intensive Summer Speech Program; Parent Review

Thank you parents and participants!
Well it was unanimous that the Intensive Summer Speech Program was successful.
All the parents that took the time to submit the the program survey indicated that they felt the Summer Intensive Speech Program was either "very successful" or "extremely successful" for their child. It was also noted that they wanted more time with the therapists. This showed they liked what was going on. With this said, they didn't realize that the program was running on a research principle that indicated that 30 minutes of intense therapy time was optimal for most age ranges. This is done to avoid client burn out, or fade into poor production. Yes, some wrote it took a little time to get warmed up with some kids, but that was mostly due to the child's nature more than the program. Even if they got 20 minutes of optimal time, that is considered better than forcing work over 45 or 50 minutes.

Again thanks to the parents, clients, volunteers, and staff for their hard work and positive support! Each summer the demand has increased so I imagine it will continue to increase as usual. I look forward to next year's group. Please share your positive experience with everyone you know so the program can continue to grow and help others.