Monday, August 15, 2011

Er Practice

This boy was such a hard worker. He wanted his "er"s to come in and today he turned the corner with his own method of practice. He said "I like making the green lines." So I thought why not let him practice making more green lines with the 'er's. He demonstrates how he makes the green lines while practicing better 'er's. Last Friday he wasn't making clear 'er's in isolation or in words.
He is on his 9th session using the palatometer and can say most /r/ words in initial r, or r-blends like, fr, gr, kr, br, tr, so on. He also improved on 'or, ar, eer' but the 'er' was the hardest for him like so many other kids with /r/ issues.


He puts 'er' into words in this video."Bird, Bert"

   Cousins practicing /r/ words.