Friday, July 6, 2012

Seven Best Tips for Speech Therapy; Using the SmartPalate System

Here is a culmination of therapy tips from holding 4 years of Summer Intensive Speech Therapy. These tips are sure to help any therapist and child using the "SmartPalate" system.  (For Therapist's mostly, but parents are welcome to read on). To get theses tips in full detail, click on the title.

1. To get best results, teach children to "relax" from the beginning.

2. Use "mirrors" to help the child watch his lips, tongue tip and jaws during the session and at home.

3. Don't forget to emphasize good forward AIR flow! 

4. Practice the correct approach to the word at different rates. 

5.  Once the "R" was fairly intact; I had them practice the "r" syllable in contrast, correctly and incorrectly

6. Practice with and without the "smartpalate" mouthpiece across linguistic complexity.

7. Allow child to practice for 3-5 minutes on their own, without your feedback. 

You are welcome to email me if you have any questions about these tips using the "SmartPalate" System at