Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Progress- Happy Day

Happy Day!   It's a great day when clients make break throughs.  Today several clients made break throughs with their progress towards their goals of improving their target sounds.

What did I learn today?
1. One week can make a huge difference with progress with homework
2. The right homework can make a huge difference.
3. Having the client actually do their homework makes a huge difference.

What did they use?
1.  They used their everyday words they had trouble with.
2. They used the SmartPalate system at home and the clinic.

What did they do for homework?
1. They paid attention to the overlays of their target sound.
2. They used the counter clicker (to keep track of the number of productions practiced.
3. They paid attention to the audio display to make each production clean, clear, and consistent.