Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Quality Is Best?

 What quality do you want in an SLP for your child and you?

I was reviewing a blog by Erik Raj where he discussed this question. Here is a list from my notes taken from his blog and video.  For full details visit his site.

Choice Qualities listed below.

     Trait                                        Reason
1. Encouragement          Let's clients take risk to try 
2. Patience                      Helps build trust
3. Humor                        Laughter heals self and others
4. Self Awareness           Increases growth
5. Imagination                Allows creativity
6. Empathy                     Perspective taking
7. Organized                   Prepared to work
8. Humble* (I added)    Willing to learn 

Beware of consequences for your child, if you do nothing to help your child's speech and language.

It's spooky how long it can take to correct speech and language errors the longer you wait.
Why do witches wear name tags?  So you know Which Witch is which? Learning figurative language is critical for advancing both receptive and expressive language skills.