Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Correct Sound Placement; Connect the Dots

Remember dot to dot drawings?  The SmartPalate speech therapy might be as simple as that!

See the dot to dot connection for correct /r/ placement (yes two right triangles).  How did my client's tongue know how to make two right triangles?  Your tongue is amazing, it will adapt to where it's suppose to because we are visual learners with mirror neurons. We want to match with what we see.

It's not new science, it's proven science that we do best with "multi-modality learning"
We learn, retain and recall  better with "hearing, seeing and doing." 
With traditional therapy, the student can't see inside the therapist's mouth to match what their tongue is doing.   But now with the "SmartPalate" system, the client can see what the instructor does and match their "dot" placement better.   Kids and adults love it!

 Female, age 10,  Consistent correct /r/ placement after 2 sessions
 Consistent correct sound and placement after 5 sessions in sentences.
 Below is a sample video of Millie teaching me how she does her homework to generalize her good /r/.