Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Speech Services

A+ Speech Therapy helps with the following speech needs.
1. Stuttering/Cluttering
     Saying words without hesitations, repetitions, prolongations, blocks, or secondary behaviors; twitches, eye blinks, tension.   For cluttering, add false starts, mazes, revisions, interjections, unaware of rushing, so on.

2. Articulation issues
    Usually this can mean lingering articulation errors on one or more sounds. Most common errors being distortions like "S, Z"  being dentalized or lateral (uni or bi lateral) and "R" sounds being substituted or diminished.  For some people it can be difficulty reaching full articulation gesture or maintaining clear articulation throughout the word and sentences.

3.  Literacy
     Difficulty with reading and writing difficulties.  Maybe from core auditory processing deficits of phonological awareness and phonological rules. not being able to retain or recall sequence of letters/sounds and or numbers.  Difficulty comprehending what was read.  Maybe a slow reader.

4. Voice
     Vocal nodules, vocal fatigue, quiet voice, or too loud of a voice, monotone, pitch issues, oral resonance issues, strained voice or too breathy of a voice, etc.

6. Language
     Difficulty understanding instructions, events, stories, general conversation. 
Difficulty expressing one's ideas and thoughts.  Difficulty with social-emotional language, like those with autism, ADHD, hard of hearing, so on.