Friday, June 21, 2013

Intensive Summer Speech Therapy

Two weeks into summer speech and it's been great.  The kids have worked hard to get their speech target placement.
Some kids got their target placement figured out the first day!!! While a few other kids found it a bit frustrating to get their old habits under control and get the new "pattern placement".  But everyone got their tongue placement with in the first two weeks,Whoo Hoo!  that is the best feeling ever!!! 
Now they are all trying to maintain their accurate placement, manner and voicing of their target sounds in higher levels of speech production.

Here is a great example of how one student explained what he needed to pay attention to.
This was all spontaneous information, as the student was sharing this information with his mother.
                                                                    Part one

Part two
He uses the straw for placment and to help get his airflow in the right spot
then his second attempt was without the straw and perfect!
He got this about his sixth session, but perfected it on this eight session.