Sunday, July 7, 2013

Teach and learn, think "anew"

We can learn from our past leaders like Abraham Lincoln.
He said, "We must think anew.  We must develop not only a new mind-set but also a new skill-set and a new tool-set that flow from it."
The new "mind-set" was to reach out to use a "new tool-set" the SmartPalate system.  I've been so  happy I made that investment.  I've continually learned my " new skill-set" from using the "new tool-set" to teach better speech production.  It's allowed me to teach others to make their target sounds more accurately and consistently.  Students have become teachers in their own right by being able to "teach" explain what they learned and discovered about their own speech production.  It's been such a good experience.
This year's intensive summer speech program has flown by as usual.  I've learned that we must be patient the first two weeks of therapy when re-structuring our tongue placement from old muscle memory habits.  It will come with time, practice and patience.