Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Here are a few thoughts that popped into my mind; Prepare lunches ahead, get backpacks ready, signing off papers, and making sure your kids get on the right bus.

Long term; don't hesitate to get the help your child needs for long-term success.  Make sure if your child needs speech therapy or extra education support that you start early with the process of signing up.

Common question: what can I do to help my child get the right resources to succeed in school?

A few answers:

1. Call your local school district and get your child tested.
Then follow-up with them about getting into the right program. Attend all meetings that make decisions about your child's needs.
2. You can also sign up your child at your local university for testing and therapy.
3. You can also check with private therapy clinics.  (FYI medical insurance do not finance speech therapy, but they will usually pay for testing for particular cases).
4. Check online at ASHA.org for developmental norms and speech therapists licensed in your city and state.