Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gut Feelings

As a new school year begins, remember to listen and follow through with your parental "gut feeling" about helping your child.  It can be improving his/her academics, or organizational skills, social skills, or articulation.
Don't let another year go by without getting the speech-language therapy your child needs from a certified speech language pathologist.
Here is a reminder of what certified speech therapists work on.

Standards III-V must have evidence of competency in the following nine areas:
1. Articulation
2. Fluency- stuttering
3. Voice/Resonance
4. Language  (receptive and expressive, literacy and social language).
5. Hearing- aural rehab, auditory processing.
6. Swallowing  disorders
7. Cognitive aspects of communication
8. Social aspects of communication
9. Communication modalities